About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Word

The Poetry Global Network is a pioneering international media company, made by poets for other poets. Established in 2021, The Poetry Global Network redefines poetic expressions through shows, events and workshops on media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

PGN is a 27 member poets-only organization including 13 countries from 4 continents; comprising of page, performance, slam to street and online poets, at different stages of their poetic journey.


We aim to build a synergy of opportunities in the global poetry scene that  fosters growth, collaboration and understanding in the international community of poets.

The Poetry Global Network explores the possibilities that can further innovate and redefine the evolving landscape of poetry, poetics and poets

PGN Founding Poets


LKN - The Phillippines

Mark Fishbein-The United States of America

Lawin Bulatao-The Phillippines

Martin Grey-The United Kingdom

Phynne~Belle- The United States of America