On the show, "The Poets Reacts", our hosts react to a new, different and anonymous poem from another poet each week. The show is full of entertainment, laughter, depth, appreciation, opinions, critic and more. We all know about people reacting to music videos, movie trailers and clips; why not poetry?

So come join us every week, Saturdays 1 AM London Time.

"The Poets Lighthouse" is a very special part of PGN. each week our host Phynne~Belle, invites a guest in the studio and it develops into a session of unravelling in the depths of the guest's life, work, experiences, pieces amidst many other things. 
Catch the show on our YouTube channel, every Sunday 3 AM, London Time; for discovering new writers/poets as well as their journey and work!


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We all keep ourselves up-to-date with world news and current affairs. Our Hosts, at PGN bring you a weekly  session of "poetry news" from all around the world. Our news include the latest developments, information, events, shows, competitions and more from the world of Poetry!

This is our version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians!  #keepingupwithpoets

This is a monthly Virtual Magazine of Great Poetry. It involves performances and reading by 20 poets from around the world. Uniquely used, is the "share screen" feature on zoom to show the poems and images on the screen, while seeing the literary craft and hearing the poet perform. Join our diverse and outstanding poets on the 28th day of each month and see past events on YouTube (Planet Poetry 28)